9th International Conference on Intelligent Systems 2018
Intelligent Systems: Theory, Research and Innovation in Applications
  • EARLY REGISTRATION: Extended until 31st July
  • EXTENDED DEADLINE for full papers- 31st JULY



Building upon the success of IS’02, IS’04, IS’8 (held in Varna, Bulgaria), IS’06, IS’10 (held in London, UK), IS'12 (held in Sofia, Bulgaria), IS'14 (held in Warsaw, Poland) and IS'16 (held in Sofia, Bulgaria) the 9th International Conference on Intelligent Systems IS’18 (Conference Nr. 45088), supported by IEEE Technology and Engineering Management Society (IEEE TEMS), shall continue the tradition of bringing together top specialists in the broad area of intelligent systems. This forum is an opportunity for scientists from all over the world to share ideas and achievements in the theory and practice of intelligent control, artificial intelligence, decision support systems, neural networks, soft computing, data mining and knowledge discovery, ontologies, machine learning, intelligent measurement, etc. Presentations should highlight contemporary intelligent systems as a concept that combines theoretical research and applications in automation, information technologies and measurement. All aspects of intelligent systems are of interest: theory, algorithms, tools, applications, etc.

In addition to the main sessions, the conference timetable shall be concerted with several other symposiums, workshops, poster sessions, tutorial courses, etc., in similar scopes, which will take place before, during and after the end of the IS’18 main sessions.

Conference content will be submitted for inclusion into IEEE Xplore as well as other Abstracting and Indexing  (A&I) databases. All A&I providers can be found here: http://ieeeauthorcenter.ieee.org/when-your-article... and include amongst other, Scopus and Web of Science.

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INVITED KEYNOTES: Cristina Sandoval Alonso (European Commission, DG-CNET, Belgium); Marina Ranga (European Commission's Joint Research Centre, Spain); Oscar Lazaro (Innovalia, Spain); Nenad Ivezic (NIST, USA); Francisco Duarte (BOSCH, Portugal); Guy Doumeingts (I-VLab, France); Robert Bierwolf (IEEE-TEMS); Paulo Cortez (UMinho, Portugal); Maribel Yasmina Santos (UMinho, Portugal)

Organização: IEEE Technology and Engineering Management Society
De 25.09.2018 a 27.09.2018
Madeira Island, Portugal