International Conference on Interactive Mobile Communication, Technologies and Learning - IMCL 2016

Theme: "Next Generation Mobile Technology, Applications, and Devices"

The 10th International Conference on Interactive Mobile Communication Technologies and Learning, IMCL2016, is part of an international initiative to promote technology-enhanced learning and online engineering worldwide. The IMCL2016 conference will cover all aspects of mobile learning as well as the emergence of mobile communication technologies, infrastructures, and services and their implications for education, business, governments, and society. The IMCL2016 actually aims to promote the development of mobile learning, to provide a forum for education and knowledge transfer, to expose students to latest ICT technologies, and encourage the study and implementation of mobile applications in teaching and learning. The conference also aims to stimulate critical debate on theories, approaches, principles, and applications of mobile learning among educators, developers, researchers, practitioners, and policy makers.

Organização: NU – National University, San Diego, California, USA | IAOE – International Association of Online Engineering
De 17.10.2016 a 19.10.2016
San Diego, CA, USA