B-Sides Lisbon

B-Sides Lisbon is being held July 3rd at the Forum Picoas (the PT building)
Will consist of 2 tracks, both of them will be the usual conferencing with different time slot allocations for each.


  • Wim Remes - Keynote
  • Tiago Pereira - Tracking a botnet from the inside
  • Tiago Henriques / Tiago Martins - Security Metrics: Why, where and how?
  • Steve Lord - Your career is a system. It's time to root it.
  • Ricardo Dias - The art of malware cluster visualization
  • Pedro Vilaça - BadXNU, a rotten apple!
  • Marco Vaz - How to hack into your home router
  • Kyriakos Economou - Shellter - A dynamic shellcode injector
  • Joxean Koret - Diaphora: a new FOSS program diffing tool
  • Herman Duarte / Cláudio André - Is my app secure ?
  • Francisco Guerreiro - NAC/NAP/802.1x systemic bypass for 15EUR
  • Duarte Monteiro - Inside the CAN
  • Doron Shiloach - Taking Threat Intelligence and Sharing to the Next Level
  • David Marques - Data Theft - Who the hell stole my data?
Organização: http://www.bsideslisbon.org/
Em 03.07.2015
Forum Picoas, Lisbon